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What do you get when you mix catchy melodies, smooth harmonies, hilarious lyrics, audience participation and a group of entertainers whose sole goal is to give you an experience that won't soon be forgotten? You get the musical-comedy of Gargerelli.

Since 1970, Gargerelli has delighted audiences with their unique blend of comedy, music, improvisation, magic and impressions at some of New Jersey and New York's most beloved venues. They have performed at The John Harms Center in Englewood, the Playhouse on the Mall, in Paramus, the Peach Grove Inn and Bodles Opera House in Chester, NY. Founded by Vin Gargiulo and Gene Focarelli, they called their act Gargerelli: "Garg" from Gargiulo and "erelli" from Focarelli. (Well, it was better than Foca-giulo!) They added several incredibly talented musicians to round out the act and a most unique comedy group was born.

All their songs are original and display an innovative style of satirical humor, artfully blended with tight musicianship and flawless harmonies. Combining music and a sometimes sick sense of humor, Gargerelli's audiences have rocked and laughed to the sometimes comical, sometimes poignant, melodies of Gargerelli for over 40 years. A Gargerelli show is a party that won't soon be forgotten.

Vince Gargiulo

Keyboards, Synthesizer, Lead and Backing Vocals

Vin Gargiulo's sixth grade class was given an assignment to draw what you want to be when you grow up. While other boys were drawing pictures of astronauts and firemen, Vin drew a picture of a man holding a microphone in front of red curtains. He wanted to be an entertainer! Since the road of life takes many strange twists and turns, Vin's chosen profession would become a graphic designer, but his love for entertaining never strayed far from his heart. He studied magic and developed an act called The Great Martino. His act later added friend, Gene Focarelli, and they became the magic clowns known as Winky and Dinky. It was during this time that Vin and Gene began to hone their skills and comedians and songwriters. This led to the formation of the musical-comedy troupe known as Gargerelli.


Gene Focarelli

Lead and Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Growing up in Cliffside Park, NJ, Gene's love for music was influenced by his older sister, Carol, as she would listen to a variety of styles, from the Beatles to Motown. Gene would listen to her albums over and over. He also found a passion for Broadway tunes. When Gene saw his first Marx Brothers movie, he was hooked on comedy. His other comedic influences included The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, the Great one Jackie Gleason , George Carlin, Richard Pryer, and the list goes on. Gene teamed up with his childhood friend Vin and they wrote comedy. Then Gene got his first guitar. He had no idea how to play, so being a lefty he took a right handed guitar and flipped it over and taught himself how to play it upside down,which he still plays that way today.. Gene and Vin were able to put their comedy to music. They put a band together in the early 1970s and Gargerelli, a musical comedy review, was born. Music is his passion, add some comedy and Gene's love to perform is like hitting the lottery.


Bob Perrone

Lead Guitars, Backing Vocal

Bob's interest in music was spawned by his father, Robert Sr., who played the trumpet. On Sunday afternoons, Bob would listen to big band music with his dad. When Bob discovered Howlin Wolf on the radio, he developed a passion for the blues. At eight years old, Bob spoke with his mom about wanting to play the guitar and she decided to indulge her son. Bob went to Casto Music on Fairview Avenue and began learning his instrument. His mentor was a professional guitarist named Al Firaldi. He was a phenominal jazz guitarist. Bob learned to read music and guitar technique. By the time he was 17, Bob's skill was honed to perfection. One Saturday morning, Bob showed up for his lesson and his instructor had told him that he was done. Bob had mastered all his instructor could teach him. Over the next few years, Bob's taste in music encompassed many varied genres incluing, country, blues, jazz, electronic, improv, rock, and more. Then one fateful day, Bob's friend, Pete Najdzin, told him about Gargerelli and that they were looking for a guitar player. Pete assured him it would be a different gig and would be a lot of fun. Bob tried it, loved the creativity of it all, and has been an important member of Gargerelli ever since.


Pete Najdzin

Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Kazoo

Pete is proud to declare "Music is my life, or at least ever since I can remember." When the Beatles hit the US, Pete was hooked, and music became his love and passion. Around that time, Pete started playing the guitar and joined a few garage bands. One particular band didn't have a bass player, but they had three guitarists and a drummer. The lead guitarist suggested that Pete give the bass a try, and it has been his instrument of choice ever since. "I still love the playing the guitar, but there is just something about the groove of the song that I am drawn to. I love all styles of music, but rock and roll and the blues are in my soul."

Pete knew Gene and Vin since high school, and he knew that they were two very funny guys. Gene approached him with a few little ditties that he and Vin had written, and asked about putting a band together based on music and comedy. Pete was all in, and has been ever since. Pete suggested they add the talents of Bob Perrone to the mix. They did, and the rest is history. "One of the thrills of my life has been playing next to Bob and the rest of these guys. I love Gargerelli, I love the music we make, the good times that we have, the long-lasting friendships, and I love these guys! This is so much fum, it's probably illegal in several states!"

Dennis Maciupa

Drums and Percussion

Music has been a part of Dennis Maciupa's life in some way, shape, or form for as long as he can remember. His father used to play records in the house regularly and those classics would always motivate him to sing along. In 1992, he asked his parents to buy him a drum set for Christmas and they bravely honored his request. Since that time he has owned over six different kits, played with numerous talented musicians, studied with jazz legend Sonny Igoe, and excelled at the Music Theory courses he took while attending William Paterson University. In 2007, his colleague Peter Najdzin asked him to audition for Gargerelli and the rest is history! Dennis enjoys how Gargerelli offers him the challenge of creating all original tunes while encompassing so many different musical genres. His unique playing style, sharp musical sensibilities, and vast collection of drums made him a perfect contender. He has a penchant for equipment from companies such as Pearl, Noble & Cooley, Brady, Ludwig, Paiste, Sabian, and Zildjian.


"I love it, I love it, I love it."
Tiny Tim

"Absolutely adorable… they are terrific."
Cousin Bruce Morrow



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